Nutrition Series

Highly effective mycotoxin treating agent

Main Ingredients

Aluminum oxide, manna oligosaccharide, sodium benzoate, algae active substance, montmorillonite


1. Biological adsorption: Carefully screened oligosaccharides with super biological activity, directly combined with different types of mycotoxins to prevent toxins from being absorbed by the intestine.

2. Physical adsorption: add bipolar aluminosilicate mixture formed by nanotechnology processing, chemical modification, purification and compounding, containing various active ingredients, specific adsorption of mycotoxins.

3. Biological protection: Natural seaweed active substances are rich in minerals and a variety of nutrients, synergistic with oligosaccharides, improve the immune system, protect the liver and kidneys, repair the intestinal mucosa, and strengthen the detoxification function.

4. Safe detoxification, no side effects on the body.

Common mycotoxins and their harm




1. It has a strong anti-mildew and detoxification function, efficient adsorption and removal of various mycotoxins, and does not absorb and destroy feed nutrients, improving feed utilization.

2. Rich in various active ingredients, improve the immune system, protect the liver and kidneys, repair the intestinal mucosa, and further reduce the toxic effect caused by mycotoxins.

3. Improve feed palatability and improve animal reproduction and production performance.

Usage and Dosage

Mixed with formula feed for use:

1. Slightly mycotoxin pollution: Add Mei Du Ke 0.5~1kg per ton of feed.

2. Serious mycotoxin pollution: Add Mei Du Ke 1~2kg per ton of feed.

3. When mycotoxin poisoning occurs: Suggest adding Mei Du Ke 2kg+HY-Detoxify 1kg per ton of feed.

Packing1kg per packet; 20kg per packet

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