Factory of Veterinary Medicine and Feed Additives



Huiying Animal Health Co.,Ltd.was established in 1999 and is located in Xiamen,China. It consists of Xiamen Huiying Animal Technology Co.,Ltd.,Xiamen Huiying Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,Xiamen Jundingxin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd.,and Xiamen Haigiangsheng Science Technology Co. Ltd.,Xiamen Huiying Animal Nutrition and Health Research Center. Huiying Animal Health has a high-standard production workshop with a total construction area of 15,000 square meters.It has established a strict quality assurance system and a traceability management system. It is a national high-tech enterprise and has passed the IS09001, ISO22000 quality system certification and the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary drug GMP certification. The testing center is equipped with advanced and complete modern testing equipment to implement quality control over the entire process of raw material procurement,warehousing,production and processing, finished product warehousing,sales and logistics to ensure excellent product quality.


Huiying Animal Insurance integrates R&D,production and sales. Products include animal nutrition,functional additives health products GMP veterinary products,disinfectants,effects,nutrients,and facilities for supporting the utilization of breeding resources. We mainly serve livestock,poultry,aquatic intensive farms and feed companies.


"Focusing on modern agriculture and providing healthy life." Huiying Animal Health is actively constructing and operating a three-dimensional sales network consisting of distributors,intensive breeding plants and feed companies.We committed to becoming a top product supplier in China. With our advanced technology,green,safe,efficient products and high-quality services to animal breeding and production.At the same time,sincerely welcome aspiring and insightful people with common ideas to join Huiying Business and become a long-term strategic partner of Huiying Animal.