Nutrition Series

Liquid concentrated nutritional oral solution

Main Ingredients

VB6, nicotinamide, taurine, lysine, glycine, L-alanine, aspartic acid, L-leucine, valine


1. Liquid concentrated nutritional oral solution can solve the problem of dissolved water and can be absorbed quickly.

2. Rich in various amino acids required by poultry, with various vitamins, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, in line with the nutritional needs of poultry.


1. Rapidly replenish various amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients needed for the growth of poultry, improve the survival rate and feed conversion rate, increase weight rapidly.

2. Promote egg laying of egg poultry, promote nutrients to enter into the body and be absorbed and utilized quickly, increase egg production and egg break rate, reduce watery eggs.

Use time

1. Using continuously for one week for chicks can rapidly catalyze body growth;

2. When the intake of food is low in the hot summer season, use with drinking water can make it gain weight rapidly;

3. Later fattening of table poultry: Use with Huiying’s HY-Fish Oil one week before listing.

4. Use during moulting period.

5. During the peak of egg production, improve egg quality.

Usage and Dosage

This product is suitable for livestock and poultry both. Dissolve in water for free drinking by livestock and poultry.


Packing500ml per bottle