Nutrition Series

Poultry functionally enhanced oral solution

Main Ingredients

VA, VD3, VE, VB1, VB6, VB12, niacinamide, d-biotin


1. Using advanced oral liquid production process to ensure high stability of liquid multivitamins.

2. Perfectly solves the problem of dissolved water and absorption of high-unit fat-soluble vitamins, fully integrate fat-soluble vitamins with water-soluble vitamins, the dispersibility and dialysis is better and there is more comprehensive nutrition.

3. Compared with powdered vitamins, liquid vitamins avoid dust losses during application, absorb more quickly, and improve the utilization of vitamins.


1. Quickly supplement various vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients needed by poultry during the growth of poultry;

2. Increase feed intake, increase feed conversion rate and promote the growth and development of poultry;

3. Prevent poultry from degrading egg production during the moulting period.

4. Enhance the body's immunity and anti-stress ability.

5. Improve clinical symptoms due to vitamin deficiency and stress.

Usage and Dosage

Amount added per ton of drinking water:


Packing500ml per bottle