Nutrition Series

Amino acids & multivitamins & non-chlorine electrolyte

Main Ingredients

VA, VD3, VE, VK3, VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, D-calcium pantothenate, niacinamide, folic acid, d-biotin, VC, arginine, glutamic acid, valine, threonine, leucine, aspartic acid, glycine, alanine, histidine, proline, phenylalanine, serine and tyrosine, isoleucine, taurine, L-lysine hydrochloride, DL-methionine, potassium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate


1. 17 kinds of amino acids + 13 kinds of vitamins, comprehensive nutrition, resolve stress and supplement nutrition simultaneously.

2. Can be used with drinking water and the absorption is faster.

3. The non-chlorine electrolyte will not cause harm to the body and can be added for a long time.


1. Comprehensively supplement the electrolytes, various vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients required by poultry in the growth process, improve the health of breeding hens, increase egg laying rate and egg hatchability.

2. When poultry encounter strong stress or disease, this product can fully meet their high nutritional requirements, enhance the body's resistance to disease and maintain the production performance.

3. It can accelerate detoxification, when poultry becomes sick, it is used in conjunction with therapeutic drugs, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease.



Packing500g per packet