Nutrition Series

Compound B vitamins oral solution

Main Ingredients

VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12, niacinamide, d-biotin, folic acid


1. Quickly supplement the various B vitamins needed by poultry, improve the fertility of breeding poultry and prolong the peak period of egg production;

2. Promote blood circulation in the body and participate in the metabolism of sugar and protein in the body;

3. Promote the production of immunoglobulins and enhance the body's immunity and anti-stress ability;

4. Promote lipolysis, clear fatty liver, strengthen the detoxification function of the liver and relieve drug intoxication;

5. Improve crown ruddiness and feather gloss.

Use time

1. When ammonia poisoning is caused by poor ventilation in closed rooms in winter;

2. Relieve complications of IB (infectious bronchitis), IBD (infectious bursal disease), combined with HY-Detoxify, the effect is better;

3. When fatty liver and ascites occur;

4. When stress outbreaks in summer and winter, combined with Su Bu-120, the effect is better;

5. When seasonal changes cause a decrease in egg production rates;

6. Hemorrhagic anemia and remission B vitamin deficiency;

7. Using three days before and after injection of the neoflora vaccine can reduce liver rupture and hepatic bleeding.

Usage and Dosage

Drinking water for table poultry and egg breeding poultry, add 1L this product per ton of drinking water, use continuously for 3 days and use once a month.

Packing1L per bottle