Nutrition Series

——Highly comprehensive vitamins


According to the best vitamin needs of different types of breeding objects, Huiying Animal Health have developed healthy, stable and high-quality multivitamin series products, committing to providing high-end, accurate, scientific and safe vitamin nutrition solutions for large-scale farms.

The Aquatic Multivitamins Series products of include:



1. Raw materials with high quality, stable performance

Raw materials are purchased from first-line brand and high-quality vitamin monomer manufacturers, with high content and good stability.

2. Scientific formula, advanced technology

The formula is based on the recommended standards of authoritative institutions on the nutritional needs of aquatic animal vitamins, suitable for the production performance needs of various aquatic animals in the intensive breeding process at the growth stage and various stress situations to ensure that they obtain the best production performance and health status.

3. Quick dissolution in water and high utilization

Nano-scale vitamins, small molecules, the product dissolves and diffuses rapidly in the water, easy to absorb, and the bioavailability rate is above 98%.

4. Strictly monitor product quality

The testing center equipped with various types of advanced testing equipment can comprehensively monitor the content of vitamins, heavy metals and microbial indicators in aquatic composite multi-dimensional products, so that product quality can be controlled and excellent quality is ensured.


1. Quickly replenish various vitamins and other nutrients needed in the growth process of aquatic animals.

2. Improves clinical symptoms due to vitamin deficiency and stress.

3. Increase feed intake, improve meat quality, improve feed conversion rate and promote the growth and development of aquatic animals.

Packing500g per packet, 1kg per packet