Treatment Series

——6% Albendazole

Main IngredientsAlbendazole


1. Safe: Special insecticides for internal use in aquatic animals.

2. Highly effective: The use of inorganic carriers and efficient mixing improves the bioavailability of the product, and the product mixes more uniformly, which can avoid causing poisoning reactions.

3. Broad spectrum: It can simultaneously expel internal and external parasites. This product is sensitive to nematodes and also has a strong killing effect on tapeworms and trematodes.


Anti-helminth drugs. Mainly used to treat parasitic diseases of ocean and freshwater cultured fish.

Applicable objectsThis product is suitable for all kinds of aquatic animals.

Usage and DosageCalculated based on this product. Mix the bait to feed: one dosage, 0.2g for fish per kg of weight(calculated on 5% bait, add 4g this product per kg of feed), once a day, use continuously for 5~7 days.

Drugs-withdrawal periodWater temperature multiply drugs-withdrawal days=500 days

Packing100g per packet

Product approval numberShou Yao Zi 130179001