Treatment Series

——10%, 20% florfenicol

Main IngredientsFlorfenicol


1. Processed by the international leading production technology, chloramphenicol test is negative.

2. Absorb quickly, can achieve effective blood drug concentration rapidly and the bioavailability is high.

3. Animal-specific broad-spectrum antibiotics, with a wide and strong antibacterial spectrum, can maintain blood drug concentration for a long time.

4. Safe and reliable, not easy to develop drug resistance.


Used to prevent and treat sepsis, ulcers, intestinal diseases, rotten gills, shrimp red body disease and crab ascites disease caused by bacteria in main freshwater and ocean fish.

Applicable objectsVarious aquaculture animals.

Usage and DosageCalculated based on florfenicol. Mix the bait to feed: 10~15mg for fish, shrimp, crab per kg of weight, once a day, use continuously for 3~5 days.

Drugs-withdrawal periodWater temperature multiply drugs-withdrawal days=375 days

Packing100g per packet

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Product approval number

10% flufenicol powder: Shou Yao Zi 130179014

20% flufenicol powder: Shou Yao Zi 130172539