Nutrition Series

——Biological substrate improved tablets

Main Ingredients

Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, beer yeast powder.


1. With independent production lines and probiotic production licenses, quality and safety are guaranteed.

2. This product is a tablet form, easy to use, can go directly to the bottom of the pool, bottom-up stereoscopic improvement of the water and substrate quality.

3. This product is a compound preparation of living bacteria spores facultative anaerobe and aerobic bacteria, which enhances the resistance of stress and high effectiveness.


1. Vigorously decompose the black mud, residual bait, feces, animal and plant corpses and organic debris at the bottom of the pond, remove the fishy odor, biogically repair the substrate, and enhance the purification ability of the bottom of the pool.

2. Stabilize water quality, improve poor water quality such as old water, red water, black water, and turbid water, eliminate the viscosity of water body, and increase transparency.

3. Regulate the balance of animal intestinal and water flora, and improve the survival rate and yield of farmed animals.

Applicable objects

This product is suitable for all kinds of ocean and freshwater aquaculture animals.

Usage and Dosage

Sprinkling: sprinkle evenly throughout the pond, each 500g this product for 2~3 acre·meter water body.

Packing500g per packet