Prevention Series

——Healing povidone iodine solution

Main Ingredients10% Povidone Iodine Solution

HY Golden Iodine-S’s killing effect on three common harmful bacteria



1. This product is a kind of disinfection drugs with high effect and low toxicity. It has good kill effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi.

2. It has no alcohol and added moisturizing ingredients. It’s mild in nature, non-stimulating, and good to skin.

3. It can form a protective film on the wound, prevent pathogenic bacteria, fester and secondary infection.

4. Just a little spray, easy to use and no need for alcohol deiodination.

5. Strong adhesion and less consumption.


1. Disinfect for piglets wounds when castration, make the wound heal quickly.

2. Using spray Hui Jin Dian-S to disinfect for piglets after cutting teeth can eliminate bleeding gums quickly.

3. If there are wounds of fighting and biting caused by merging of pigsty, use spray Hui Jin Dian-S on the wound and wound surface.

4. Use spray Hui Jin Dian-S on the wear place for knee wear of 3-5 days piglets in obstetric table.

5. Use spray Hui Jin Dian-S on the cracked places for cracked hooves of sows to repair.


Use scope: treatment of wound and wound surface: spray directly on the affected area.

Operation:①Unscrew the cap and replace the nozzle;②Turn the blue clip on the nozzle and spray.

Packing500ml per bottle

Product approval numberShou Yao Zi 130171577