Nutrition Series

—— Conditioner of animal reproduction


1. Supplement soy isoflavone(living bacteria type), regulate the hormonal level and solve the reproductive barriers and dysgalactia of sows.

2. The distinctive mass effect of soy isoflavone avoid the interference of pseudoestrogen like medicine, heavy metal, etc., remain normal estrogen level and improve effective childbirth rate.

3. Soy isoflavone can restrain the virus.


1. Promote the development of mammary gland, improve lactation yield and quality of milk.

2. Combine firstly with estrogen receptors in ovary and endometrium to ensure normal estrogen display physiological function.

3. Increase fertilization rate, implantation rate, punctual and obvious estrus and increase litter size.

4. Add in feed for a long time can control the activity and reduce copy of blue-ear virus.

Usage and Dosage

1. The entire use: Mixing material. Add 1kg of this product per ton of feed.

2. The period use: Mixing material. Add 2kg of this product per ton of feed.

① The gilts: Start using (6 weeks before mating) until mating successfully, strengthen the use only for 2 weeks for sows of unsuccessful repeated mating.

② Pregnant sows: Start using (6 weeks before childbirth) until next mating.

Use scheme


Packing1kg per packet